November 19, 2018

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Houston, we have a work injury. Know Your Rights!

Whether you are in the Houston area or in any other part of Texas and you have recently suffered a work injury and you need to know what you should do. Houston work injury lawyer Steve Waldman can assist you in sorting it all out. Realize that you have several options to consider based on your unique situation. An attorney’s help from the very beginning is your best chance of being treated fair and just. In particular, hiring Houston work Injury lawyer Steve Waldman ensures that you are getting an experienced work accident attorney and that you are on the right path to getting all the compensation you deserve.

After a work-related injury, you may have asked, “I had an accident at work what should I do?” Well, the only way to determine what is fair and just is to get the medical treatment you deserve, recover from the injury as much as possible and, hold your employer accountable for their actions. To accomplish this, you need to speak with Houston Work Injury attorney Steve Waldman. Houston attorney Steve Waldman has represented injured workers all over the state of Texas and, for the first 11 years of his career, he represented injured workers in more than half of the States in the Country. Waldman Legal has experienced dealing with some of the oldest corporations and lawyers in this country.

How Serious is my Injury? How do I get an idea of what compensation I’m entitled to?

Total Loss of Working Ability Forever

This occurs when you’ve suffered a serious injury at work that caused you to be permanently disabled and medically unable to work again. The ability to feed your family and provide for yourself is a MAJOR concern!

Partial or Temporary Loss of Working Ability

While not permanent, a temporary loss of working ability can still be devastating and can severely affect your livelihood. This type of injury is not going to last forever, and you will be able to work again at some point in time but, it can create a big gap in your wage-earning potential, one that you could potentially never recover from if you don’t seek legal advice.

Types of Insured Employers: Which is yours?

Not all employers are alike. Some employers in Texas subscribe to worker’s compensation and others do not. There are main differences between the two types of insured employers and your rights are affected by the category to which your employer belongs. Unfortunately, you also have to be aware that some employers just don’t have any insurance whatsoever.

Non-Worker’s Compensation or Non-Subscriber Employers

Texas Employers who are non-subscribers provide medical care for their employees injured at work under an ERISA employee benefit plan. However, injured employees may visit physicians at private medical clinics who have the employer’s interest—not the employee’s best health—in mind.

Houston work injury attorney Steve Waldman can be particularly helpful in these types of cases. Waldman Legal is experienced in protecting the rights of the injured worker and, if the Employer does not want to cooperate, he is capable of litigating the case against the responsible party. This is because unlike worker’s compensation employers, non-subscriber employers can be sued.

Employers who subscribe to worker’s compensation have to follow the state’s requirements for taking care of an employee who has been injured on the job. Although, these mandatory regulations are very substantial, being a subscriber offers employers protection. It prevents an employee from suing the employer regardless of the circumstance.

Okay, I had an accident at work what should I do?

If we recommended that you do anything other than speak with Houston Work Injury attorney Steve Waldman, we would be putting your claim at risk. If you suffered a work accident under any of the above circumstances, or any other, call and talk with work injury attorney Steve Waldman. He’s driven to help injured workers get back on their feet and he has experience dealing with stubborn employers and their insurance companies. Waldman Legal realizes that you deserve a fair shot at recovering from your work injury but, if you aren’t able to return to how you once were, that you receive fair and just compensation for your injury.

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