May 15, 2019

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The faster the job gets done, the more money your employer makes, but the more.

Sadly, time is the enemy of profit, and some companies sacrifice safety to get jobs done quickly. Safe work requires following safety rules, using safety equipment, a safe worksite, and proper training. Without safety, workers are injured, and many times, they are killed.

What is workplace safety?

Workplace safety sounds simple, and it often comes down to this: IF IT LOOKS DANGEROUS, IT IS DANGEROUS. But there are OSHA rules, and other safety practices, that safe companies follow, when they value their workers. Some companies realize that a safe workforce is good for business! However, too many employers take shortcuts on safety. Shortcuts can kill workers. This can happen to you!

If you see a dangerous condition, stop and report it immediately!

That shortcut is not worth your life!

Construction – A Dangerous Industry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 971 construction deaths in 2017. That made CONSTRUCTION THE DEADLIEST INDUSTRY IN AMERICA! Why is construction so dangerous? The statistics say workers were killed as a result of falls more than any other single cause. Other leading causes of death in construction were transportation incidents, exposure to harmful substances, and contact with equipment. If you work in construction, you see these real-life dangers in daily life. You may have even seen your coworkers injured or killed!

Employers KNOW HOW TO BE SAFE. They can follow basic safety rules and avoid injuries to their workers. If your employer follows these safety practices, you may have a safe employer:

Regular safety meetings
Training on all equipment and tools
Training on safety for every employee
New or properly working equipment with all safety features functioning
Reporting procedures for all accidents and “near misses”
Sufficient emergency and first aid equipment
Adequate lighting, walkways, and signs
A clear exit and emergency paths
All equipment and materials properly stacked and stored
Manuals for all machinery and equipment

These are some of the steps which must be ensured by every construction firm for the safety of not just its workers but also its own equipment and facility.

Quick Work Is Unsafe Work

Safer workplaces are more productive because accidents cost time and money. When construction projects are squeezed from ten days into five or six days, safety is always sacrificed. People are rushed, and that increases the risk of injury or death to the workers. The quality of the work also suffers. Companies that work this way seldom take care of their workers when they are injured or killed.

Effects On The Construction Project

Pushing workers for quick delivery is not only counterproductive but is highly unsafe. Quality is an unintended victim in such cases. Rushing a construction project result in a variety of problems including structural issues, leaky rooftops, cracked foundations, etc.

Know Your Rights

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, ALL workers are entitled to a safe workplace. YOUR EMPLOYER MUST PROVIDE A WORKPLACE FREE OF KNOWN HEALTH AND SAFETY HAZARDS.

If you have been injured at work, you need to the law. Speak to an experienced work injury attorney at Waldman Legal Group. Texas is one of only two states that allow employers to “opt out” of the Official Worker’s Compensation system of coverage. Those employers are called “Non-Subscribers,” and when their employees are injured at work, their employees may sue them for damages under Texas law.

It is important to know if your employer is a Nonsubscriber or has Official Texas Worker’s Compensation coverage. The answer to that question determines your rights under the law. We at Waldman Legal Group have the expertise to assess your rights if you are injured on the job and will gladly consult with you at no charge.