March 22, 2019

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Houston work accident attorney at Waldman Legal Group will find help for their injuries.Texas offers many opportunities for workers from all backgrounds. Houston, especially, has many jobs available, to rebuild after the terrible damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Even before the storm, Houston experienced substantial growth, requiring contractors to compete for workers, and work hard to keep up the pace of construction of new homes and commercial buildings. Now, those same contractors can barely keep up with the pace of repairs and restoration after Hurricane Harvey.

While many employers are honest and treat their workers well, some employers are dishonest, exploit the hard-working men and women they hire. Some employers are particularly ruthless toward undocumented workers. They prey upon workers who they believe will accept unsafe work conditions and will not report work injuries, out of fear, or a belief they have no rights.

EVERY worker has a right to a safe workplace. And EVERY injured worker has a right to make a claim under the law. If you have been injured on the job, the Houston work accident attorneys at Waldman Legal Group are ready to help you.

Has Your Employer Bullied You With Unsafe Work Practices?

Some employers exploit their workers with unsafe work practices. They may rush the work, avoid using guard rails or other safety features on equipment, use improper ladders, or broken or worn out equipment. This is unacceptable! Construction work is dangerous and when safety rules are not followed, it can lead to death or serious injury! Every shortcut or safety workaround can lead to the death of you or a coworker. And that death affects entire families!

Employers who disregard safety act like they are above the law. Employers who do not have Official Texas Worker’s Compensation coverage (Non-Subscriber Employers) may be sued for negligence by injured employees. These employers may try to intimidate injured workers, or even their coworkers.

Some employers may even lie when hiring workers. They may say they “have worker’s comp,” but unless the employer has Official Texas Worker’s Compensation coverage, the employer is considered a Nonsubscriber Employer, and may be sued for negligence. Employers who mistreat their injured workers may ignore work-related injuries, refuse medical treatment, and even threaten adverse consequences if the employee seeks to make a claim.

The Houston work accident attorneys at Waldman Legal Group fight for the rights of all injured workers. If you are injured on the job, call us, and let us advise you on your rights. If anyone discourages you from attempting to obtain medical treatment or filing a claim, call us and let us advise you on your rights. Remember, only a lawyer should advise you on your legal rights. Even a well-meaning friend or family member does not know the law.

If you are injured at work or during another event (like a car accident), Texas law determines your right to seek a recovery under the law. Civil law differs from criminal law. Too often, undocumented persons believe that they have no protection under the law. An attorney at Waldman Legal Group is available to explain your rights and what help is out there for you. Undocumented or not, your immigration status is not admissible in a civil damage trial.

Immigrant Workers’ Legal Rights

Workers who ask for help from a Houston work accident attorney at Waldman Legal Group will find help for their injuries. Undocumented workers are entitled to assert the same claims for their injuries as a person who is documented.

Texas courts do not allow the introduction of a person’s undocumented status in a civil damage trial. All parties are barred from discussing immigration status in civil trials, as it may unfairly influence a jury.

Your co-workers, friends, and family often offer advice from programs viewed on television. TV shows and news reports are not accurate indicators of the laws that apply in your case. Do not allow the views and opinions of others who are not trained in the law to scare you or distract you. Get advice from a qualified, experienced Texas work injury lawyer.

Nonsubscriber Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured at work, you need to know the facts and the law. Your friends and family may offer advice. Often, this advice is wrong. They mean well, but they do not know the law. Speak to an experienced work injury attorney at Waldman Legal Group if you get hurt at work. Texas is one of only two states that allow employers to “opt out” of the Official Worker’s Compensation system of coverage. Those employers are called “Nonsubscribers,” and when their employees are injured at work, their employees may sue them for damages under Texas law. It is important to know if your employer is a Nonsubscriber, or has Official Texas Worker’s Compensation coverage. The answer to that question determines your rights under the law. We at Waldman Legal Group have the expertise to determine your rights if you are injured on the job.

Do not allow an employer to bully you into staying quiet about your work-related injury. If you get hurt due to someone else’s negligence, do not allow your undocumented status to deter you from getting help.

You deserve compensation for your injuries, and the lawyers at Waldman Legal Group will help you seek a recovery for your injuries under the law.