April 25, 2019

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Most construction workers work at heights, including on scaffolds and ladders. This exposes them to falling objects, electrocutions, and most of all, falls. Construction sites can be dangerous if safety measures are not followed. It is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide everyone on the job with a safe working environment. Construction workers should watch for safety violations, and do their best to stay safe on the job.

Here are a few CONSTRUCTION SAFETY TIPS from an experienced Houston work accident attorney.

Do Not Stand Near Operating Machinery

Construction workers may congregate near operating machinery, as they wait for their next assignment. This can be risky, particularly if you are standing too close to defective or decrepit machinery.

Climb with Caution

Be careful climbing or descending ladders, and mounting and dismounting equipment. Start by cleaning off any mud from your boots, so you don’t slip. Make sure you have safety gloves on, so you have a firm grip. Do not carry objects in your hands, so you can use both hands to secure yourself while climbing.

First Aid Kit

A decade-old first aid kit probably contains worn out band-aids and expired medication. If a construction site accident occurs, you need a first aid kit that is effective. Do you know if your site has an updated first aid kit that includes bandages, ointments, gauzes of all sizes, and disinfectants? You should check.

Insist on the Right Ladder!

Construction workers are often made to use the wrong type or size ladder. An A-frame ladder is never proper, if you are carrying items to a height. You should have a platform-style ladder. And the ladder must be tall enough to reach the desired height. The wrong ladder is dangerous! Climbing to heights and lifting heavy objects using the wrong type/height ladder can be extremely dangerous as it is absolutely necessary to have three points of contact with the ladder at all times, to make sure you don’t lose your balance, and maybe your life!

Never Unplug Equipment or a Tool by the Cord

After a prolonged, tedious task, you may be tempted to unplug equipment by the cord. That motion not only damages the machine over time but also subjects workers to the risk of electrocution. Take a few seconds to turn off the equipment properly.

Lock Out and Tag Out

If you are working on an electrical device, go to the power source, and disconnect the power. Then, lock out the box, and tag the box, so other workers will know the device is out of service. The life you save may be your own!

Never Use Damaged Equipment

Your boss may ask you to use equipment that’s been damaged, or equipment that is not suited for the task or poorly maintained. The wrong equipment can kill you! Would your boss drive a car with no brakes? As experienced Houston work accident attorneys, we have seen how poorly maintained or malfunctioning equipment can cause fatal accidents. You must watch out for unscrupulous employers who may try to convince you to work unsafely. Those same employers will later claim that no one is responsible for an accident, or blame their employee. Do not be a victim! Refuse to use poor equipment! And if poor equipment causes you to be injured, do not be a victim twice – call an experienced construction site injury lawyer!

Construction safety tips are intended to promote safety on construction sites. While many of these safety measures are common-sense things and are required by law from employers, we know that many of your employers fail to comply with safety rules, even though the law requires them to do so. Employers should be looking out for you, and by skimping on safety measures, they put your safety and your life at risk.

Don’t risk becoming the victim of an employer’s negligence at your job site. Be safe! And if you are injured, our Houston construction accident lawyers are here to fight for your rights!