February 16, 2018

Have you been injured on the job and you’re not sure if you are receiving the medical attention you deserve? You may think that you don’t need to legal representation right now but, in reality, this is the best time for you to seek out legal advice about your rights because before any harm has been caused by the insurance company and your employer.

Understandably, most injured workers wait until they hit a wall with the insurance adjusters about getting treatment or major examinations approved before they seek a legal opinion. By this time, the insurance has managed to delay providing you with any significant treatment that alleviates your injuries and starts the process of getting you healthy sooner!

If you’ve been injured on the job, you need to follow the following steps so that you can inform yourself of what rights you truly are entitled to:

3 Steps to Follow if You’ve Been Injured on the Job

1. The first step is to contact us and let us determine whether your employer has Worker’s Compensation Insurance under the State program or whether they have a Non-Subscriber Insurance Plan that provides insurance when a worker is injured. Once we make this inquiry and we figure out what insurance your employer has, you’re on your way to fully understanding your rights.

2. If your employer has a non-subscriber work injury plan, the next step is to hire an attorney that can assist you through your treatment under that insurance plan so that you can be sure no corner are being cut in order to avoid diagnosing your true injury. Generally, if you were injured because your employer was negligent in training you or failed to provide you with the manpower or equipment to do your job safely, you could have a potential claim that needs to be protected.

3. If your employer has a non-subscriber work injury plan, the third step is file the lawsuit or arbitration to make sure the time allowed for filing the claim is protected. Your attorney will then take charge and make sure that he gathers all necessary proof to support your claim for compensation.

If you’ve been injured on the job, speak with a work injury attorney that you can trust and one who can understand your needs. There’s no doubt that you will eventually hit a wall or a disagreement with your company’s insurance company so, you would be in a much better position being well represented when that time comes.