The Waldman Legal Scholarship aims to encourage and support bilingual (English and Spanish) high school seniors to attend a two- or four-year college/university. The Scholarship awarded one student $2,000, a second student $500, and a third student $250.

The Waldman Legal 2022 Scholarship Winners Are:

Gerardo Rubio Waldman Legal Scholarship Winner
Gerardo Rubio / View Essay
Maria Maldonado Waldman Legal Scholarship Winner
Maria Maldonado / View Essay
Ruben Maya Waldman Legal Scholarship Winner
Ruben Maya / View Essay

The Waldman Legal 2021 Scholarship Winners Are:

Cristian Moran Waldman Legal Scholarship Winner
Cristian Moran
Miranda Galvan Waldman Legal Scholarship Winner
Miranda Galvan
Yaritza Torres Waldman Legal Scholarship Winner
Yaritza Torres


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