Frightening pipeline explosions cause catastrophic injuries and death. Our Houston pipeline explosion lawyers help people get compensation through a pipeline explosion lawsuit when they have been hurt or have tragically lost a family member. Whether you were hurt on the job in an explosion or live near a poorly maintained oil or gas line that blew, we will look at all the facts of your case and fight to get you recourse by holding the negligent oil or gas companies accountable, as well as any other responsible third parties.

There are hundreds of deadly pipeline incidents in the country every year that injure and kill dozens of people, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration statistics show. Millions of miles of pipeline run throughout the country. As the country’s biggest oil and natural gas producer, it’s no surprise that Texas has more pipeline than any other state. In fact, one-sixth of all the lines in the country, or 479,798 miles of pipeline, crisscross Texas, according to the Railroad Commission of Texas, which oversees the lines. When the oil and gas companies responsible for the safety of these pipelines are negligent, they should pay the price for injuries.

Injured by a Pipeline Explosion? Get Experienced Legal Help.

If you’ve been hurt in a pipeline explosion, you could get compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Talk to our Houston pipeline explosion lawyer at Waldman Legal Group to find out if you can file a pipeline explosion lawsuit. We get justice for the injured. Call us today at (713) 688-4878 to schedule a free consultation.

Pipeline Explosion at Work? We’ll Advise You about Your Options.

Pipeline workers tasked with replacing or repairing aging pipelines are at risk of suffering injuries at an oilfield and elsewhere. Construction workers using heavy equipment who don’t have adequate maps showing where pipelines are located also risk catastrophic injuries if they accidentally hit decaying pipes.

When you’re hurt in a pipeline explosion on the job, you have the right to file a workers’ comp claim through your employer if they carry workers’ compensation insurance. People who have lost family members on the job may also be able to get benefits through workers’ comp. But workers’ comp won’t pay for all your losses when you’ve been seriously injured and can’t work. It only pays a fraction of lost wages.

If you’re a worker who was hurt in a pipeline explosion, it’s important to speak with an experienced pipeline explosion lawyer. We will advise you about the options for bringing a pipeline explosion lawsuit, which you may be able to do even if you are collecting workers’ comp. Don’t delay in speaking with one of our attorneys. Call us today at (713) 688-4878 to learn how we can help you get the compensation you need to pay your bills and feed your family after a debilitating injury.

Living Near a Line that Exploded? You Have a Right to Compensation.

Workers aren’t the only ones who are injured in pipeline explosions. Sometimes innocent people who live near pipelines are injured or killed when poorly maintained pipes fail. Most residents of neighborhoods near pipelines don’t even know the lines are there until tragedy occurs. If you’ve been the innocent victim of an oil or gas company’s aging pipes, we will review your case and advise you about getting compensation through a pipeline explosion lawsuit.

In a lawsuit, we’ll hold the company that owns the pipes accountable for your injuries. We’ll ask for compensation to pay you for all of the losses you have suffered due to the company’s negligence in not properly operating, maintaining or inspecting their lines. Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case by calling (713) 688-4878.

What Compensation Can a Pipeline Explosion Injury Lawyer Get Me?

Pipeline explosions cause catastrophic work injuries such as severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, lung damage, and more. People with these injuries often need extensive and sometimes long-term medical care. Sometimes people who are badly injured in pipeline explosions can never work again.

How badly you were injured and the level of negligence involved will be main factors in determining how much you may be able to get. Once we review your specific case and learn all the details involved, we can give you an estimate of how much our pipeline explosion injury lawyer may be able to get you based on your damages.  Call us at (713) 688-4878.

Damages in Pipeline Injury Lawsuits

These damages may be claimed in pipeline injury lawsuits:

  • Doctor bills, hospital care, nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, medications, and other medical expenses
  • Medical devices such as in-home hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, and other equipment
  • Lost wages for time missed from work
  • Lost earning capacity if you’re disabled and can’t work anymore, or if you have to do different or less frequent work because of your injuries
  • Pain and suffering that includes payment for physical pain, disfigurement, mental and emotional trauma, depression, and other costs of the accident
  • Punitive damages meant to punish corporations that are especially negligent.

Wrongful Death Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit

When people die in negligent pipeline explosions, here in Texas, their spouses, children, and parents can file wrongful death lawsuits. Damages in wrongful death lawsuits include compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, lost wages, lost love and support, the emotional trauma of the loss, and more.  Our compassionate pipeline explosion lawyer will counsel you about damages you may be able to get in your case.

Call a Houston Pipeline Explosion Lawyer When You Need Help

It’s not unusual for massive oil and gas corporations to put profits ahead of people’s welfare. But when they save money by not properly maintaining pipelines and injuries result, they need to be held responsible. And you deserve to get compensation to pay for what their negligent disregard for safety has cost you.

Our Houston pipeline explosion lawyers know what it takes to successfully fight for the rights of injured workers and others who have been harmed by negligent companies. At Waldman Legal, we will put our experienced resources into getting compensation for you. And because we work on contingency, we don’t get paid unless you win your case. Call the team at Waldman Legal Group today at (713) 688-4878 to arrange a free consultation.

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