Injuries, medical bills, missed work, vehicle repairs, pain, frustration, stress – if you’ve been involved in a crash, then you might be dealing with all these problems. A Houston car accident lawyer can help by fighting for compensation for all financial consequences of your crash and the pain and suffering you’ve experienced.

When careless drivers cause us harm, the law is on our side. To make sure you are getting the most from the legal process, you should find an experienced car accident lawyer who knows how to get you the maximum compensation you are owed.

There’s a lot at stake when you’ve been involved in a serious wreck, so don’t wait to call a Houston car accident attorney at the Waldman Legal Group today. Schedule your free consultation by calling 713-688-4878 (713-688-HURT). If we don’t win your case, you owe us nothing.

Why Our Car Accident Lawyers Do What We Do

What motivates our team? Every day, we see what can happen when someone is injured in a car accident, and we know that getting fair compensation is important for our clients. Compensation is the last thing that stands between a crash victim and financial devastation. There’s no reason that you should pay for someone else’s mistakes.

We believe in fairness and using the legal system to help get justice for those injured in vehicle crashes. Insurance companies will take advantage of people who don’t have an experienced attorney representing their interests, but we make sure that never happens to our clients.

Let our team meet with you in person, so we can find out more about your case. Our consultations are free, so you can be sure you don’t owe us a dime if you choose not to move forward with your case. We also accept no fee unless we win your case.

How We Help Our Clients

We make sure you aren’t taken advantage of by insurance companies. We demand maximum compensation for each of our clients, and we fight to make sure they get it. Our team will review all the costs you face, so you can be sure you are being given payment that meets your needs.

Throughout each step of the process, we keep you informed about the progress of your case. We have built our reputation on the service we offer our clients. Our staff is responsive, attentive, and dedicated to each of our clients.

We understand that your case isn’t like anyone else’s. Not only do you face injuries and costs unique to your car accident, you also have other needs that need to be met. Maybe you need to find the right medical care to treat your injuries. Maybe you have family members that are dependent on you. We get to know you, so we can identify the best way to help.

At the Waldman Legal Group, we are problem solvers, and we go beyond simply getting compensation for our clients. We are their allies, and we do everything we can to provide service that meets all your specific needs.

Contact the Waldman Legal Group today by calling 713-688-4878 (713-688-HURT) to get a free case evaluation. When you work with our firm, you can be sure you’ll be treated fairly by insurance companies.

Compensation You Can Expect When You Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Crashes are expensive and painful. You’ve likely encountered many expenses because of your accident. Fortunately, our legal system offers you a path to compensation. Through a personal injury claim, you can demand payment for…

  • Medical bills – This includes payment for hospitalization, ambulatory care, surgeries, physical therapy, medications, and any other medical costs you’ve encountered due to your wreck.
  • Lost income – Car accidents often mean time missed at work. When you file a claim, you should demand payment for all the income you have lost and will lose because of your injuries.
  • Vehicle damage – Repair bills can be incredibly expensive. In some cases, you might need a replacement for your vehicle. We handle all correspondence with insurers to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Pain and suffering – Personal injury claims don’t just cover the financial consequences of crashes; they also give injured people the chance to demand payment for physical and emotional pain and suffering. It’s vital that your car accident attorney demand payment for these non-economic damages.
  • Any other expenses you face – Your case might involve other damages, so make sure you hire an attorney who is dedicated to uncovering all the expenses you’ve encountered from an auto wreck.

We want to make sure that you are given payment for all the suffering you’ve experienced. Let us review your case to give you a better idea of what you can expect when filing a car accident claim.

The Process of Filing a Car Accident Claim

How your car accident case unfolds will depend on your specific situation. However, we can tell you that, in general, there are a few common steps you might expect in the process.

  • Your attorney will gather information. A lawyer will meet with you to learn more about your case. They will review all the expenses you face to determine how much you are owed. They will then investigate the causes of your accident to find out who was at fault.
  • Your attorney will demand payment. Once your attorney knows who is responsible for your crash and how much you are entitled to, they will demand payment on your behalf. In many cases, an insurance company is the party responsible for giving you compensation.
  • The insurance companies will correspond directly with your lawyer. You don’t need to worry about speaking to another driver’s insurance company. Our team will handle all correspondence with insurance companies, so you can focus on healing and getting your life back to normal.
  • Negotiations for compensation could result in a trial or a settlement. If the insurance company, other attorneys, and/or the person responsible for your crash are willing to negotiate a settlement, then no trial will be needed. However, we believe that all cases should be prepared to go all the way to trial. This ensures that our clients get maximum compensation in their case.
  • If your claim is successful, you will receive compensation for your injuries. If your case results in a settlement or a favorable verdict, you will receive payment in accordance with the terms set forth by the settlement or verdict.

We’d like to help you better understand what to expect in the process. Contact the Waldman Legal Group today, so we can review the details of your crash.

Don’t Speak to Insurance Companies Without First Consulting a Car Accident Lawyer

Understand the difference between your insurance company and another driver’s insurance company. You should report your crash to your insurer as soon as possible. However, you don’t need to accept your insurance company’s offers if they don’t meet your needs.

If you are contacted by another person’s insurance company, you should not speak with them under any circumstance. This is best left to our team. We know that insurance companies make profits by offering people less than they deserve or by denying the validity of their claims entirely.

When a representative of another person’s insurance company reaches out to you, refer them to your attorney and say nothing else. They will try to use your words against you, and you don’t want to give them that opportunity. Let us deal with insurance companies, so you can be sure your claim has the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident Injury Cases

If you want specific answers to pressing questions about your car accident claim, you should speak with an attorney directly, so they can evaluate your case. We also understand that you want to know a few basic things about your potential case. Here are general answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from clients…

  • How much can I get in a claim?

    One car accident claim could result in millions of dollars in compensation, while another results in a few thousand dollars. The costs you face and the extent of your injuries will determine how much you will receive in a claim.

  • How long do these cases take?

    No two cases are the same. These cases can take several months, a few years, or even longer. It’s important to contact a Houston car accident lawyer as soon as you can, so you can be sure you are given compensation as quickly as possible.

  • Should I expect a settlement or a trial?

    If the other side is willing to cooperate and they offer you a fair amount, then the case can be settled and there will be no need for a trial. If they are uncooperative or offer you less than you deserve, your case might proceed to trial. Your attorney will work closely with you to help you decide when to accept an offer and when to push for a trial. Ultimately, this is your decision.

  • What is the statute of limitations in car accident cases?

    In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years from the time you suffered your car crash. ***There are many exceptions, as well as other deadlines that may apply to your specific claim(s). Therefore, you should speak directly to an attorney as soon as possible to understand that exact deadlines.*** However, it is always best to act as soon as possible when you’ve suffered a serious injury. You are likely in need of compensation for the expenses you face, and you don’t want to delay the process any more than necessary.

Waldman Legal Group wants to help you better understand your legal options. Contact our firm today by calling 713-688-4878 (713-688-HURT) to schedule a free consultation. Once we know more about your case, we can provide specific answers to your questions.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident know your rights.

Even though everyone knows someone that has been injured in an automobile crash, it can be very overwhelming to figure out where you should start in making sure that your rights are protected when you are the victim.

The lawyers at the Waldman Legal Group PLLC can help you navigate the process.

If you have been injured (or if a family member has been injured or has died) in an automobile accident the following steps should be taken:

1. Seek medical care immediately – Any person who has suffered an injury in any type of accident needs to seek appropriate medical care immediately. For any serious injury, that means going to a hospital emergency room. Follow-up care may take place at a doctor’s office, but an initial evaluation of a serious injury should be performed only at a hospital emergency room.

Any delay in seeking medical care will increase the risk an injury will cause additional harm. It is also grounds for a defendant or an insurance company to claim that the injury was not serious or did not result from the accident.

2. Report the accident to the police – Unless it is a minor fender-bender with no injuries, the police should be called to the scene of any accident. Do not allow the other driver to talk you out of calling the police. He or she may be trying to hide drug or alcohol use, or escape responsibility for the damages that have been caused. Only the police can properly document a serious accident, which is often necessary to prove the facts of the accident.

3. Make a list of all witnesses to the incident – When an accident is investigated by the police, the investigating officer should gather this information. However, witnesses are often excluded from accident reports, particularly if the officer believes fault is clear. Witnesses may be needed if an insurance company decides to dispute the officer’s findings. Make sure you obtain the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of all witnesses.

4. Take photographs – Make a photographic record of the place where the accident occurred, the damaged vehicle, and the areas of your body which have visible injuries.

5. Report the accident to your insurance company – Even if the accident was not your fault, notify your insurer of the accident. You may have coverages that are utilized to pay for some or all of your damages.

6. Do not give a recorded statement – Until you have consulted an attorney, you should not consent to a recorded or written statement. This is particularly true if you are injured or on medication.

7. Discuss your rights with an attorney – Most lawyers (including our firm) will discuss an injury case with you and not charge for an initial consultation. Find an attorney who has the experience and expertise to represent you, and discuss the additional steps you need to take to protect your legal interests. In severe injury and wrongful death cases, hiring the right attorney is a very important decision.

Know your rights! Speak with a lawyer at the Waldman Legal Group PLLC today. Call 713-688-4878. First consultation is free and if we don’t win your case you don’t pay. Schedule My Free Consultation

Let the Waldman Legal Group Get You the Compensation You Need

There are plenty of car accident attorneys in Houston that will be willing to take your case. At the Waldman Legal Group, we have the track record to prove that we are committed to getting you maximum compensation for your claim.

Put us to work on your behalf, so we can fight for you and your loved ones. Call us today at 713-688-4878 (713-688-HURT) to get started.

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