January 08, 2018

An unfortunate reality of a workers’ job-related injury claims is that certain companies and their managers refuse to cooperate with the claims process. They may make active attempts to circumvent bona fide claims. Though many companies gladly provide insurance coverage for injured employees, there are others that purchase the insurance to have more control over the management of injury claims and to increase the financial gain of the company. When the time comes that a claim needs to be filed, they may obstruct the claim’s progress in the hope that it will simply go away. When this happens, you need an aggressive and smart work accident attorney to let them know you won’t be waiting around for answers.

For an injured worker facing medical bills, lost wages, and lost quality of life due to a work injury, going without work injury benefits is not an option. Few families can afford to shoulder the burden of work injuries without severe financial and emotional distress. A variety of Employer liability insurance policies are available to relieve this stress. By working and contributing to their employer, workers earn the benefit of being covered under these policies, when an employer has purchased them. They work for it, and when they need it, it is their legal right.

If you have had a work accident and your boss is trying to help you but his or her higher ups are uncooperative, two things may be happening. First, the company’s upper management does not consider your injury claim a priority and may be neglecting their duties. Though this happens in very disorganized businesses, if your boss is trying to help you, the issue should get resolved very quickly. Second, the company is likely playing games with your claim. If you are in this situation and your boss is not getting results quickly, there is something wrong. If your boss is unable to correct the issue, you need to call your Houston work injury lawyer, right away.

Telltale signs that you need to speak with your work accident lawyer are that the company is not paying your medical expenses, not providing insurance information, or ignoring you. If this pattern of response from the company emerges, contact a work accident lawyer without delay. If the company appears uncooperative with your claim and then other employees or management begins to treat you differently, takes adverse action against you, subjects you to any form of harassment, gives you a negative performance review, or creates a situation that makes you feel pressured to quit, call your Houston work injury lawyer.

Often, injured workers decide not to speak to a lawyer because they fear retaliation. In cases where the employer is treating you unfairly, going it alone is not an option. The law protects employees against retaliation. If management refuses to comply with the law and the worker takes no action, the worker loses. It is unfair and illegal for people that devote so much of their lives to working to be left in the cold.

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Injured workers who are not getting their due should never fear contacting a work injury lawyer. If a company is hurting the worker by not fulfilling its obligations, our lawyers will make sure that the situation is corrected and handled professionally. Sometimes, leaders of a company simply need to be told by a lawyer what they need to do. More often, they know what they are doing and simply hope to ignore the claim. Once a lawyer is involved, they no longer have that option. If you experience or are experiencing retaliation, your lawyer can put a stop to it and require that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Worker injury insurance claims can pay injured workers for lost wages and benefits, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and additional compensation for matters like retaliation, if applicable. To determine damages, one of our attorneys will use prior income to determine the amount of any lost wages and benefits. Your attorney will also consider all other factors, such as medical costs, that are due to you.

When you are suffering a work injury, your employer is obligated to respond in a prompt manner. If your boss has tried to help but the company’s response is inadequate, you need to seek legal advice as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding a work injury claim, contact personal injury attorney.
Often, when management behaves in an uncooperative way by finding excuses not to pay medical bills, ignoring the injured employee’s requests, trying to deny obvious facts, or shifting blame and responsibility for the injury onto the injured party, their only goal is to obstruct the claim. If half of the injured workers elect not to pursue their claims any further, the employer and the insurance companies win!

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