January 28, 2019

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If you are injured, you need to know if your employer has Official Texas Worker’s Compensation, or is a Non-Subscriber, with some other form of plan that may imitate Official Texas Worker’s Compensation.

What is a Non-Subscriber Company and How Does it Impact You as an Employee?

A Non-Subscriber company – in this sense – is a company that does not have the Official Texas Worker’s Compensation Coverage. An employer Non-Subscriber insurance plan may offer only limited medical or wage replacement benefits to injured workers. Unlike Official Texas Worker’s Compensation, there is no State of Texas oversight. Instead, with the EMPLOYER provides both the administration of the claim and the appeal! There are rules to follow, both in Official Texas Worker’s Compensation and in employer Non-Subscriber plans. But with Official Texas Worker’s Compensation, the rules are state law. With employer – in employer Non-Subscriber plans, the EMPLOYER WRITES THE RULES! The employer may require that you waive your legal rights to receive medical treatment – that is unfair, but it may not be illegal!

How can you protect yourself if you are injured and work for a Non-Subscriber? By calling an experienced Texas work injury lawyer, like Waldman Legal Group!

At Waldman Legal Group, we are knowledgeable and experienced defenders of injured workers’ rights, and we can help you, regardless of whether your employer was an Official Texas Worker’s Compensation or a Non-Subscriber. WE KNOW THE LAW, AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

What to do if You Have an Accident at Work

To begin, at SWPLLC we like to educate employees and prospective clients about their rights, the worker’s compensation process in Texas, and the actions that need to be taken when a work-related accident occurs. That’s why we want to make sure that employees understand what type of insurance coverage, compensation, rights or benefits their employer’s plans offer, which can be even more confusing with Non-Subscriber employer insurance plans.

We discuss the above in more detail on this blog, but first:

How to Find Out Whether your employer has Official Texas Worker’s Compensation or is a Non-Subscriber:

Unfortunately, it may be difficult for employees to take their current worker’s comp insurance plan at face value. If you suffered a severe work injury, how can you determine which insurance plan your employer has? Unfortunately, this is not always apparent; but there are some ways to accomplish this.

You Could:

Check Worker’s Comp Documents – You can look through the worker’s compensation papers you received from your employer at the time of employment. There may be some indication as to whether or not your employer is a subscriber or a Non-Subscriber. OR YOU COULD…

Look for Worker’s Comp Signs Posted At Work – Check the break room where you work. There may be a worker’s comp sign posted that indicates if your employer is a subscriber to the Official Texas Worker’s Compensation Insurance Plan or not. OR YOU COULD…

Contact the Division of the Worker’s Compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance – The Division of Worker’s Compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance will help you find what type of coverage your employer has. OR YOU COULD…

Wait for a letter from the Division of Worker’s Compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance – You can also wait and see if you receive a letter (or some other form of communication) from the Division of Worker’s Compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance after you were hired. (Although this method is an option, our law firm does not recommend relying solely on it). OR YOU COULD…

BE SAFE AND CONTACT Waldman Legal Group – You can consider the methods mentioned above, or you can be on the safe side and call the workers’ compensation attorneys at Waldman Legal Group. We will look up your company and let you know which type of insurance plan your employer has, at no charge.

There are many self-help or “Do It Yourself” (DIY) resources on the Internet that you may attempt to research. REMEMBER, what you read may not apply to Texas worker’s comp cases, and not all information is current, reliable, or applicable to your case.

And you do not need to go it alone! If you needed surgery, would you be your own surgeon? Then why would you be your own lawyer? Let Waldman Legal Group be your work injury attorneys. Please CALL US IMMEDIATELY for a FREE INITIAL CASE EVALUATION.