Toxic chemical exposure at work or at home may cause serious health problems. If you’ve been injured or you’ve become ill because of hazardous chemicals, our Houston attorneys are here to advise you about a your potential chemical exposure injury claim. Chemical exposure has been linked to cancer, organ damage, lung issues, and many other serious illnesses and conditions that require extensive medical treatment.

Whether you’ve been harmed by chemical exposure at work or elsewhere, Waldman Legal Group will help you explore your possible options for compensation. You could get money to pay for your doctor bills and other costs you’re now faced with because of chemical exposure. Don’t hesitate to consider legal assistance when you’ve suffered injury from hazardous chemicals.

Get Experienced Legal Help When You’ve Been Injured Due to Chemical Exposure

When you’re simply going about your job or your day-to-day life, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting sick from a harmful chemical. But, unfortunately, dangerous toxic exposure that leads to illness or serious injuries (e.g. severe burns, permanent damage to your lungs) happens far too often. Sadly, it can also be fatal. If you’ve been hurt or a loved one has died from chemical exposure because of a chemical manufacturer, factory, or other party’s negligence, we will work to get you justice and hold those responsible accountable. Call us at (713) 688-4878 to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate and experienced chemical exposure lawyer.

Getting Compensation for Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

According to OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 32 million U.S. workers are potentially exposed to one or more chemical hazards. About 860,000 become ill from occupational exposure each year and approximately 60,000 people die. These startling numbers show just how serious a danger chemical exposure is to workers. Sometimes just a single exposure to a toxic chemical can cause injury and illness, while in other cases, workers become sick after long-term exposure.

When you’ve been exposed and become ill at work, you deserve compensation that will pay for the medical care you need, for your lost wages, and for other losses. If your employer carries workers’ comp insurance, you can file a claim to get medical benefits and partial wage benefits. But this insurance only pays a portion of weekly wages and doesn’t pay for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Serious illness from chemicals is very expensive and can change your entire life. You could need long-term medical and nursing care. You could also need assistance just to complete the routine tasks of everyday life, depending on your injuries.

No matter what industry you work in—whether construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, gardening, or another job that has a high risk of chemical exposure—Waldman Legal wants to talk to you.

Pursuing a legal claim may provide help provide you and your family with the money you need to relieve the financial obstacles you are now faced with. Call us today at (713) 688-4878 to learn about your options for bringing a chemical exposure lawsuit. We provide free, no-obligation consultations with an experienced Houston chemical exposure lawyer.

Damages a Chemical Exposure Lawyer Will Pursue for You

Damages you could get in a chemical exposure lawsuit include:

  • Compensation for current and future medical expenses
  • Lost income for time missed at work
  • Loss of earning capacity when you can no longer work or your work is limited
  • Pain and suffering that includes payment for physical pain and emotional trauma
  • Punitive damages in some situations where the responsible party has been grossly negligent.

Wrongful Death Chemical Exposure Settlements

If you’ve lost a family member because of chemical exposure in the workplace or elsewhere, our attorney will advise you about a possible wrongful death chemical exposure lawsuit. In wrongful death chemical exposure settlements, eligible family members could get compensation for lost wages, loss of love and support, funeral expenses, and more.

Every case is different. Our chemical exposure lawyer will advise you about whether you may have a case and answer all of your questions about filing for damages. Call (713) 688-4878 to learn more about your chances of getting compensation through a chemical exposure lawsuit.

Getting Help for Chemical Exposure in the Environment

Workers are not the only people at risk of illness from chemical exposure. Dangerous chemicals are present everywhere in everyday life. Here are some of the ways people are exposed to hazardous chemicals in their own neighborhoods:

  • From drinking, bathing, or swimming in contaminated water
  • By breathing chemical toxins in the air
  • By ingesting, breathing, or having skin contact with contaminated soil and dust
  • When they eat food or drink beverages that have been exposed to toxic chemicals.

If you live near a toxic waste dumping site or a negligent factory that allows toxins to be released into the environment, you could become ill from chemical exposure. If you have an older home that was built using lead paint or asbestos, you could be exposed. People who garden regularly or farm large acreages and use herbicides could experience serious illnesses. These are just some examples.

If you believe your cancer, lung disease, skin rash, or other illness was caused by chemical exposure, contact our experienced Houston-based legal team for help. We’ll examine the circumstances of your case and advise you as to whether you may have a legal claim. Waldman Legal Group provides free, no-obligation consultations. You can schedule a consultation by calling (713) 688-4878.

Parties that May Be Liable in Chemical Exposure Lawsuits

There could be one or more parties liable in your case, depending on the circumstances. Examples of possible liable parties in chemical exposure cases include:

  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Workplaces that don’t follow proper safety guidelines in using chemicals
  • Factories that negligently allow toxic chemicals to leak into the environment
  • Companies that intentionally dump chemicals into waterways and elsewhere
  • Landlords that don’t advise renters about environmental hazards such as lead-based paint and others on their properties.

No matter the liable party, our Houston chemical exposure lawyers will fight to hold them accountable for your illness or your loved one’s death.

Get Help from Our Skilled Houston Chemical Exposure Lawyer

At Waldman Legal Group, we won’t back down in pursuing compensation when you’re suffering from a serious illness caused by chemical exposure. Call our personal injuries attorneys today at (713) 688-4878 to arrange a free consultation about your case.

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